DIY a Dollhouse from Ikea Shelf Lerberg

diy dollhouse ikea shelfDid you know that the very economical , industrial-looking Lerberg shelf can be turned into a multi-floor doll house ? It’s the perfect size for those Licca / Little Pony dolls.

I have the grey color one that rusted pretty badly as it was left in the balcony to hold my cactus collections. 3 coats of spray paint in white fixed it.

I made the floorings and walls out of cardboard. First glue a piece of felt over the cardboard, covering the edges. Reinforce with duct tape. Then stitch on another piece of fabric, hiding the stitches on the underside of the cardboard. The felt smooths out the cardboard’s surface, giving it a more professional look. 🙂

I ended up with something like this :

diy dollhouse ikea shelf

I’m quite pleased with the bathroom floor. The white shelf is a wooden desk organizer, painted white, with some holes drilled in it. It’s attach to the wall with wires and beads.


This is how it looks at the back :


The faucet is a hook, like those S-shaped hooks except the bottom part is a screw ? I covered the tap part with a black Hama bead. The tissue paper is made of tissue, Just cut them into strips and stick them together with double sided tape, then roll them around a cardboard tube.


It seems like I’m playing with the dollhouse more than my kid now.