DIY Idea: Remake a Plastic Document File into a Suede Document Clutch

Hiya there, I’m cleaning up my draft posts, so far got 4 ready to go. This one here has been on the list since the year 2012 ! I didn’t publish it cuz the photos weren’t that great and I wasn’t sure how to explain the process as I was winging it.

I bought an accordion style document folder to carry travel documents on a trip back then. I got the cheapest one :

remake plastic file with the cutest poem :

remake plastic file2

Who is “ause” ? He must be a wizard. Like, Wizard of Ause.

Then , through some “witch-craftery”, I turned it into a faux suede document clutch :

remake plastic file into suede clutch

remake plastic file into suede travel document clutch

remake plastic file into suede document clutchActually, with a tube of fabric glue and my sewing machine …

First I sew a pocket to insert the opening flap of the plastic file …

diy plastic file into suede clutchI flipped the pocket right-side out and decided to line the inside with felt, so glue marks won’t show on the faux suede …

remake plastic file into suede clutch2Then I glued the plastic file onto the piece of felt… very messy here, not shown.

diy plastic file to clutchThis is where I realized that it is inevitable that I have to apply glue on the suede. How else is it going to stick ??

diy plastic folder to suede clutch travel document holderI glued the outer edges of the suede onto the file. Then I just stopped photographing the process from here on. I must have run out of fingers.

After the glue has dried up, I hand sew a leather strap as a closure. I don’t remember much, it was 2 years ago !