DIY : Mt. Fuji Cushion ( Free Pattern ! )

Hi there, today I’ll show you how to sew a cushion, nihongo-style. ( The bike messenger bag pattern is in the making, don’t hold your breath tho …  )

Here we go, photo of Mount Fuji, as a cushion :

DIY a Mount Fuji Cushion 

How to sew Mt Fuji cushion by saltymom wordpress comYou can download the snow cap pattern by saving the jpg file below :

Mt. Fuji Snow Cap Cushion DIY1

( Right-click image > select “open link in new tab” > click on the image to expand it > right-click image > select print ; I use A4 size paper )

Using the snow cap pattern as a guide, make the mountain pattern by tracing around the top and extending the sides . Then join the base.

How to sew a Mt Fuji Cushion

The patterns are not symmetrical. When cutting out the fabric, you’ll need to cut one out from the front of the pattern and another from the back.

sew a cushion mount Fuji Japan 3

Wow, my handwriting is like those of serial killer’s. Zigzag stitch the snow cap onto the mountain piece. Then place the two pieces with the right side facing and straight stitch around, leaving a gap at the bottom. Snip off the four corners so that it won’t get bulky when you turn the cushion cover over. Flip the cover out through the gap and stuff it up with fillings. Hand stitch the gap close and it’s done !