DIY: Making a Pouch from Leaves Imprint

diy leaf imprints bag

I tried out a pin from pinterest where you can make your own prints from leaves. The process was fun, but the results were not permanent. The colors from the leaves imprints started to turn brown after a few days.

diy leaf imprints pouchThese are leaves from my butterfly pea plant. ( They are actually green, bad lighting here.)

diy leaf printing pouch bag 1 by saltymom.wordpress.comI use cotton canvas as the fabric.

diy leaf printing pouch bag 2 by saltymom.wordpress.comLay a piece of muslin over the leaves and pound with a hammer. Here I use a different leaf, the color just faded within a day.

diy leaf printing on tshirt4 by

diy leaf printing pouch bag 3 by saltymom.wordpress.comWhen the prints were fresh, they look very promising. Oh well, it was still a fun project for the kids to play printing with a hammer.

diy leaf printing pouch bag 4 by