DIY Cupcake Liner Light

One more project crossed off from the  to do list. The light we used to have was a wire birdcage which we got from the weekend market at Chatuchak. It was too small to be a light, so it just looks like it’s dangling in midair.

When I found  this  tutorial on Design Sponge, I knew it was faith because I happened to have a dusty paper lantern waiting for a makeover… and a stack of mini cupcake liners in stock … plus  a kid on school break with nothing to do.

I did not follow the instructions , step-by-step. The main point here is to cover the whole light with cupcake liners. Here’s how  we did it :

First, I glued a cupcake liner “equator” around the paper globe and work the liners up one half of the  globe. We use ordinary white glue. Just dip the liner’s bottom into the glue, swipe off excess, smack it on the paper lantern. When it is dried , turn it over and do the same with the other half.

That’s about it, there is no step 2. I think I used about 800 (? ) liners (!!!).  Eyeball estimate, I’m sorry I did not count.

Here’s how it looks when the light’s turned on.