Finished DIY Home Projects

Remember the wicker food covering I decoupaged way back ? Well, it has a handle ! The husband got me a wooden drawer knob, but it just look weird on top… you know, like a giant nipple ?? Quite disturbing. Later on , I found a bird I molded out of air drying clay and thought it kinda go  with the flower motives on the food covering.

* Note : The bird’s used for  decorative purpose and not as a real handle. * I use a screw and a washer to attach the bird onto the covering. Air dry clay is not brittle like plaster of paris, so you can slowly turn the screw into it without breaking it into pieces. I also added glue on the screw to fill in the gaps.

Next project are storage boxes for the bathroom ( again ). This is one of those projects that tests your patience and leaves one exhausted. You can make the boxes by cutting out a cross shape and sew the four sides together, but this will use up about twice as much fabric. The pattern I used was one long rectangle that makes up two sides and the bottom, and two smaller rectangles for the remaining sides. You also need thick interfacing ( I use two layers of felt ) and a cardboard bottom to keep the box from collapsing.

I folded the top of the box down and attached leather handles. These are scrap leather I got from the fabric street near my house. I use metal stamps to pound in some labels. Then painted them over with some gold paint. Rub off excess with baby wipes.

This is how it looks completed.