DIY : 15 minutes Storage Boxes

I have to sew a cover for my ironing board but somehow, am trying to avoid it.  Instead I made storage boxes for my bathroom. You will need cardboard boxes + home furnishing fabric ( the thicker the better.)

I’m using this fabric :

Cut the fabric to this  measurements : A x B

A = perimeter of the box, plus 2 cm

B =  Height of the box, multiply by 2, add another 5 cm

Sew short ends together, you’ll get a tube.

Pull it over the box and hand sew the bottom corners to make a base ( I just make 3 overlapping stitches on each corner ) :

Fold the top of the tube into the box and you’re done ! That’s it ! Finito !

This is how it looks in my bathroom :

Now I have all the toiletries in one box, cleaning supplies in another, and all the ugly rags hidden in the third.

There is also a 2 minute version of this DIY. Instead of using home furnishing fabric , just pull an XL size T-shirt  over the box.