DIY Planters for Vegetable Balcony Garden

I started a vegetable garden on my balcony back in November. I spent most mornings inspecting my veggies while mumbling to myself. It’s very relaxing.

FYI, I live under the equator, so the climate here makes growing plants easy. We don’t have to plan when to sprout our seeds. It’s hot year round with tropical rainstorms in between. Another thing is I am really bad in gardening … My tomatoes , or shall I say tomato, since only one grew, came with a butt crack ( again ).

butt crack tomato

My cactus sprouted arms and try to climb out of the can …

Pinto, help me !!

The first diy planter is converted from a drying rack ( I’ve did this before here ).

Drying Rack to Vegetable Planter

This time I use a thicker , water resistant fabric. The first one was made with mesh, and soil will escape when I water the plants. My drying rack is 90’s model, stainless steel type. I’m not sure if the newer models will be strong enough to carry the weight. This whole set up ( potting mixture 12 kg + water 1.5 kg + drying rack ( est ) 20 kg ) is under 35 kgs. It is installed onto the balcony’s wall which is made of concrete. I worry about the weight because balconies and their railings can collapse if it is overloaded. So please find more info before commencing.

I am loving all the harvest from this little plot. It just makes sense. It saves me many trips to the market. There’s no plastic waste to deal with, less food waste as I harvest only the amount I need. They don’t need to be refrigerated. And so I expanded my gardening plot to another balcony :

The rack above is made from 3 triangle wall anchors and bamboo sticks. This one uses 3x more potting mixture, however the rack is much lighter.

Here is the video tutorial with some veggies I’ve grown and also how the planters are set up :

You can totally tweak this and set this up as a standing rack. Since the shell is made of fabric, you can make it deeper, for deeper root plants. For example, daikon turnips will need deeper soil to grow. In this planter , the white part will grow only 3-4 inches :

But ! They are so cute and the leaves can be eaten. The ones above are my first batch. The white part tasted like loofah because it dried out during the growing process ( i think ). I will see how the second batch turns out 🙂

Here are some vegetables and herbs I grew , along with the affiliates links ( where if you buy from them I will get a tiny cut at no extra cost to you ! )

Vegetables and Herbs List :

Take care you all !