Cute n Practical Felt Fabric Projects

The first one is called “Envelope on Steroids” πŸ™‚ This was made to store my kid’s artwork, her drawing board + paper. I use 1 yard of craft felt and kinda make it up as I go.

Money saved and all artwork contained. The tutorial above will show you how to make one in your preferred size. I use her drawing board ( which is the largest item ) as a base to figure out the pattern. The envelope can be ripped open at the center, making it easy to put / pull things out. You can elevate the look by using a thicker felt ( 2mm + )

Alright… Next !

Lately we got into surf skating and it’s been such a fun activity. The fun came after we figure out we have to loosen the wheels and the truck , get things oiled. Previously we were trying to surf on 2 stuck wheels 😦 Now that we got the cruising around down, we want to practice turns. I was looking for mini traffic cones and it dawned on me that I can make that ! But in the shape of little mountains !

These cones can be use for other forms of exercise. You can do speed and agility drills with them, hop over them, even step on them, they won’t break. They can be popped back in shape πŸ™‚ The pattern is righte -> here <-

Next project is on gardening. I have this folder where I keep videos of my garden, it’s about to explode. Until next time, take care !