DIY Faux Leather Cage Bag – No Sew !

A new DIY !! Easy, no sew, all you do is punch a lot of holes !!

I dug this fabric out of the fabric ends bin. It is 3 mm thick, double sided like real leather except softer to the touch :


I was able to cut a 14 X 140 cm rectangle out of it, sliced them into 2 cm wide strips, and assemble them together with these studs :

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.26.24 PM.png

you only need 26 of these to make the bag !

Here’s the tutorial ( I did a voice over for this vid, then I had doubts that people won’t understand my accent, so I added captions to it too. #Dedication )

It’s not live on my youtube channel yet. Youtube’s been doing the crazy robot demonetization thing. My last set of tutorials were all demonetized the next day after they were uploaded. For what , I have no idea. What worked was going back in to edit the title/descriptions. Then wait for another day for the robot to realize that my video is totally harmless.

Additional Notes for this Bag :

  • The studs I use are also called ” Handbag Feet”. Make sure that the prongs are long enough to be bended after going thru 3 layers of the material you are working on and that the legs are coming out from the center of the stud. The ones I use are 1.2 cm long ( just the prongs’ measurements ) and the dome shape head is 1 cm in diameter. You can play around with other shapes and color ( affiliates link ):

  • The pleather I worked on sheds quite a bit ! I think it’s because there are so many cuts made on it. You can use webbings , or sew up your own straps. Just make sure they are interfaced and sturdy enough to form a cage structure.
  • In the video, I measure from the edge of the strip to the position of the hole I am punching. If you want to pre-punch the holes, the distance from hole to hole is 9 cm. For the 7.5 cm intervals, it is  8.5 cm. *gasp, so many holes in this note !!!*
  • The hole punch I use makes 2 mm holes. Make sure to use a rubber mallet and also plastic mat so it doesn’t get damage. Similar ones can be found here ( affiliate link ) :

  • To strengthen the handles, add a piece of metal backing before bending the legs of the stud. The legs will have something strong to hold onto and not slip out of the fabric bag.

metal backings for handles of cage bag.jpg


Any questions, feel free to ask !

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