DIY : Granny Squares Crochet Bag with Lining

Ta-Da !!

diy crochet granny squares bag with handles and lining and inner pocket

Continuing on from my last post where I failed miserably trying to make a food cover, I turned the crocheted piece into a bag. I made the inner bag one block smaller all around to create a scallop effect around the bag. I totally love this !

DIY crochet granny squares bag with interfacing lining handle and inner pocket

diy crochet granny squares bag roomy interiors

To create the granny squares, I use this basic pattern.

diy a basic granny square 2 rounds pattern

Then I lay out my pieces like so :

diy attaching granny squares


and start exchanging colors into different color blocks. I donโ€™t know how other people do it but with this method i can see what colors i have and can spread them out across the piece. I got something like this :

diy granny square 2 rounds bag

oh, the full layout of this bag should look like this :

diy pattern layout for Granny Squares bag

I was making the piece up as i go ๐Ÿ™‚

after i got the color layout that i like, i start joining the pieces. my first attempt was single crochet the pieces together but i didnโ€™t like the color ( see photo )

diy attaching granny squares with single crochet

so i re-do it by placing the crochet pieces with the right sides facing each other and single crochet them together.

and hereโ€™s the youtube diy :

Hope you enjoy this diy and have a beautiful, colourful, sunburst day !