DIY Messenger Bag : Sewing the Inner Bag ( Part 3.1 )

Now we are sewing up the bag’s interior. I’m using a sponge fabric for the inner fabric and the lining ( interfacing ) is a soft, pliable plastic I happened to have in my stash. This combination makes a bag that can stand up on its own, yet without being too stiff to the touch. The fabric looks like this :


First, we sew the pocket onto the bag’s interior :

sewing the inner bag 1

( Step 3 ) When you top stitch the pocket’s bottom, make sure the stitches covers the raw side which is inside the pocket.

sewing the inner bag 2Step 4 is sewing the bag’s sides onto the long panel. ( That black piece on the bag’s bottom is a piece of velcro, which you can skip. It’s not necessary. )

sewing the inner bag 3