DIY Ideas : Home Decor on the Cheap

2013 went by pretty fast , don’t you think ? Happy New Year to you all !

Idea #1 :  Use your toilet rolls as decorations then you won’t have to worry about finding places to store them.


It’s super easy ! Here’s the how-to :

Bathroom Decor

Imagine filling a whole shelf this way. It would soften up the whole bathroom.

Idea #2 : Paint your shoeboxes and Sharpie them into mini vintage luggage.

shoebox sharpie diy1

diy shoebox remake

I found this idea on Pinterest. You should take a look at  this site  ( ) which is a treasure trove of decorating ideas. The DIY was quite simple and took about an afternoon. I painted all the  shoeboxes white, even those with glossy finishings could be painted over with a few coats of  acrylic paint. When they’ve all dried , I drew  over them with permanent markers using the photo I found as a guide. It now houses DVDs and it looks quite good too !

Idea#3 : Chalk your walls.

recipe chalkboard kitchen1

recipe chalk wall kitchen1

When we were renovating our house, this wall was our “what should we do with it ? ” wall. At first we were going to do a raw red brick wall, but thinking about usage ( Asian cooking = grease build up all over the place ) it wasn’t a smart thing to do. The contractor got sick of our indecision , so he order it to be painted green. Hence, we got ourselves a wall size chalkboard. I wrote down ingredients of recipes both food and cleaning.