DIY a Distressed Wall Art

I re-make the photo wall in this post. The photos that were printed on glossy paper faded from the sunlight it was getting every afternoon. The ones on textured matte paper remained pretty much the same. So it should be the cheapo glossy paper I bought !

I peeled  the photos off and  lined the canvases together. I kinda like the black border that was done in the first version. There’s uniformity and messiness together.

diy distressed frame thai number 1-resized-800

I decided to distress it  with coffee. Espresso, dark roast.

distressed frame thai number canvas2-resized-800

Then screw the canvases together. The wood is pretty soft and can be done by hand.

distressed wall art canvas 4-resized-800

I printed out Thai numbers from 1 to 9 using  a cool Thai font  called ” Kai Kie ” ( Chicken Scratch ). Then carbon copied them onto the canvases.

distressed frame wall art canvas3-resized-800

Painted them with a dark brown acrylic color.

distressed frame wall art canvas thai numero 5-resized-800

The end result looks like this :

distressed frame wall art canvas thai numero 4-resized-800

I repeated the number 5 in the middle roll , since number 5 is pronounced ” HA!”.