Mini Clothing Remakes

Some clothing remakes I did recently. They are pretty simple to make and some can be done by hand. Hope you’ll enjoy !

Boring shirt + scrap pleather. Cut the pleather into desire shape ( mine’s a tulip ) and hand sew it as a pocket.

Dollar t-shirt + t-shirt collar from a past remake. While tidying up the underside, I accidentally snipped a hole… Hence, the studs.

I’ve seen this on P.S. I Made This and wanted to try. I use Sharpie and masking tape. You can reuse the masking tape, doing a roll at a time. Don’t forget to pad the inside or the ink will seep through.

Plain hoodie + cotton fabric. Use the hoodie as a template to make the lining. Hand sew into place.

This one’s my favorite. The pattern is from a shirt I already have . I  folded it  into half and traced the pattern. Then marked it onto an XL t-shirt. Cut out the collar and a good portion of the hem. Sew up the sides. Take in one side of the hem to make it smaller. Then sew it back onto the t-shirt, adding pleats along the way. The sleeves are also pleated to give it more shape.

You can reuse the pattern to make even more clothing! I tried it on a chiffon fabric.