DIY : A Paul Smith Inspired Bike Helmet

Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of biking in the city. It mostly ends with contemplation on Death or on design ideas, like how to make my leg cast look super cool. Anyways, I found out my head can fit into my daughter’s bike helmet. I know, it’s crazy, how can my head be so small her head be so big ??

There was only one problem. Her helmet looks like this :

 Bubblegum Barbie Pinkness

What I had in mind was something like this :

Paul Smith minimalist multi-striped Giro Helmet. ( 60 pounds)

Or any of the designs in Nutcase Helmets . Love. ( US$60 )

In the end I remake my daughter’s helmet into this :

If you are interested here are the steps :

1. Gather supplies:  Metallic Spray paint, masking tape, black tape ( PVC tape, for electric wires), and oil pastels.

2. Use masking tape to cover up all areas you don’t want spray painted on. I taped out the lower black area and on the inside of the helmet to cover the air holes.

3. Spray paint. Some tips : Always keep the can in motion. If you linger, you may end up getting paint drips. Also aim the can in a distance, maybe 10 inches away from the helmet.

4. Wait for it to dry , then do another coat. Wait for it to dry. I hate waiting.

5. Peel off the masking tape. Tape around the rim ( where the pink part and the black part meets ) with the PVC tape. This is better than  cloth tape because it is thinner and more pliable.

6. Use oil pastels to create the stripes, or any design that you like.

I didn’t acrylic coated  it yet. I want to be able to change the design when I get bored with it.

Hope you enjoy this project !