Ikea Hack : Skubb into Handbags Hanger with Drawers !

Long time no post, but I’ve been Ikea-ing much. So here’s what I turned my 179 bht SKUDD into.  Velcros are attached on the sides  to hold handbags/belts, which are mostly handmade by me so are not very heavy. Instead of buying two sets of the box drawers, I made these pull-the-lid-down faux drawers from the cardboard box of  LERBERG. Makes more sense to me as I am so damn short I wouldn’t be able to see what’s in the drawer without taking the whole box down.

Here’s the how-to. Be warned of bad picture quality. One of the apps I used super shrinked my photos ! >-<


First , decide where the velcro strips will be attached. You want the weight to be distributed equally on both sides or the SKUDD will become lopsided after you hang stuffs onto it. I cut the Velcro strips and attached the ends together ( n0.2 ) , then I knock in the holes right on where I want it to be. Be sure to put something thick underneath before knocking in the hole ( no.1 ).

Oh, if you’re wondering why I’m knocking holes , it’s because I’m going to use  rivets to attach the Velcro strips, which leads us to (no.3). That little dot is the back piece of the  rivets, the square thingy is a piece of felt. The felt will give some meat for the rivet to hold on to.

Above is close up of the felt piece. Slide it under  the hole you’ve made in the Skudd with the “front” facing upwards.


Next, put the Velcro piece on top, then the rivet’s cap, and fix it a good strong pound on the rivet rod fastener.


Part 2, making the drawers. Cut 8 cardboard pieces measuring 48 x 21 cm each. On one end , make a bend at 5cm ( this will be the flap) and move downwards at 11 cm ( the front drawer part. ) Next glue fabric  and tape up the back. I use faux black leather and 3M’s spray on glue.
For the drawer pulls , I use suede trimmings plus metal clasps and round thingammabobs. They have to be a bit weighty so as not to jut out when put into place. I attached the drawer pulls with rivets.
So , there is my first Ikea hack. Hope you enjoyed it !