Check Your Tap Water Quality Online

I found this site ( Real Time Tap Water Quality Monitoring System – by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority ) several days ago, but was scratching my head as to how to read the results. This Thai site gives some explanations. To check, you have to locate the nearest water station in your area and look at the numbers ( Don’t worry, there is an English version).

The number in green is  ” Free Residual Chlorine” and it should read between 0.2mg/l to 0.5mg/l  to be safe. Currently my area is 0.95 mg/l.

The number in orange is ” Turbidity ” ( sediments in the water ). This should be below or equal to 5 NTU. My area is giving an “error”, so that should not be good. 😦  But anyhow, our drinking water goes through a home UV water filter and because I am neurotic, I also boil them before drinking.

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