100,000 EM Balls…


… are on a making in Amarin Plaza ( old Sogo dept store ) until Nov 5. EM stands for ” Effective Microorganisms “. They are the good guys who will fight the pollutants in stagnant flood waters and improve the water quality naturally. Today I took the kids to  make these balls at Amarin Plaza. The little one was a bit spoof because of the crowd there, but once she got her little fingers into the sand, it became fun.

I say, if you are living in Bangkok and plan to go, bring along a pair of gloves and if possible a large plastic bowl ( enough to mix 3 “k’uns” <– buckets that’s used for flushing old style toilets –> of sand ). There wasn’t enough buckets to go around and we ended up with a huge trash bag for mixing the ingredients. The EM balls have to be rolled hard and sturdy so that when you drop it on the floor it doesn’t break. The size should be big, like a turtle’s egg. My little one could only make small size so they didn’t pass  QC. ( I told her the QC woman needed 3 of her small EM balls to make a big one, it sort of make sense to her.)

While the kids and I were at Amarin Plaza, the husband went to send food and medical supplies to his friend who is stranded on the second floor of her house with her aunt who have a heart condition. Like, so worst case scenario !!