When Floods Happen : DIY a Life Vest

The below DIY is from The Bureau of Non Communicable Disease. Seriously, in some places , like Ayudhaya, water rose up to the second floor. Here is how to make a life vest from common household items found in Thai houses.

You will need 2 thick plastic bags ( same type as the gardening soil / rice bags ), 10 empty  600 ml bottles, and strings.

Cut the top of the bag into a U shape, then put in 5 empty water bottles that’s been tied together in a row. Do the same with the other bag.

Sew right above the bottles to keep them snug. Thread a nylon string above the sewn area, leaving some distance between each stitch so you can later adjust the size when you tie it. Sew nylon strings on the four bottom corners and use a lighter to smooth out the edges.

Last step, sew the shoulder part together. Remember to tie it snugly !