DIY : A Linen Tote Bag and the Granny Bag Pattern

First of, here’s the pattern for the granny bag. You can download the .pdf file by clicking on the thumbnail below.  Then, print on A4 paper, increase or decrease the size as you wish. The tutorial is over here.

This is my over the shoulder bag that I reach for when I’m in a hurry. It goes well with jeans and I can just throw everything inside and run.


I sew this one up differently. Usually , I would sew both the outside fabric and the lining into a U-shape. Then insert one into the other and sew up the bag’s opening.  This method sews the opening first. You align the outside fabric and the lining fabric so the right sides face each other. Sew up the short sides , then pull the fabric apart so the seams are facing each other in the middle. Then you sew the sides up , of course , leaving a hole to pull the bag back out. It seems faster and simpler than what I used to do.