Zombie Apocalypse


I went on a cooking frenzy today. The whole thing started this morning while grocery shopping, when I bought an innocent bunch of parsley. I hardly ever use up a whole bunch of parsley. Most of the time, half gets thrown away. What a waste ! I decided to buy more chicken and  ribs then I can use up all the parsley for the marinades. Me Genius !

Then , while perusing  the poultry section, I found out a strange pricing system. Chicken thighs cost over a 100 baht a kilo. Chicken legs around 77 baht/kilo. However, chicken thighs that comes with legs attached cost only 69 baht/kilo. WTF ?? So I bought 2 kilo of them, plus a kilo each of chicken wings and spare ribs.

I got home, started on the marinades. I did a good selection : Thai-style fried chicken marinate, teriyaki chicken, garlic ribs, honey ribs, and a “chicken flavor ” chicken marinate ( which is just chicken flavor powder seasoning ).

After I was done with that, I thought I just make freezer meals out of the 2 kilo chicken thighs + legs. So, one pot of sesame chicken and one pot of ” 3 cups chicken” ( Chinese food where you cook the chicken with equal portions of soy sauce, sweat black soy sauce, and shao xing wine ). I was on a roll by then, imagining a zombie apocalypse was about to happen and we can’t possibly live on meat alone ! I took out the blender and started on a batch of  cream of spinach soup. But wait ! I haven’t satisfied my scallion pancakes craving from last night. SO I MAKE THAT TOO.

Busted now. The cooking part was enjoyable but the cleaning up was ngaaaa….It should be worth the time as my freezer is now filled to the brim with food. I shall post the recipe links tomorrow in another post.