Granny’s Square, or is she ?

crochet granny square1

I was at Kinukuniya, flipping through their crochet pattern books. There was one that looked very lovely. The colors are very bright and cheerful and it was just like the stash of cotton yarns I have at home !

This granny square is a  basic pattern. Once you get the hang of it, you can just put your mind to “autohook” and hum through it. If you’ve never crocheted a granny square before, there’s a good tutorial at the purl bee, with step-by-step pictures. For the colors, use 3 that compliments each other, 1 in neutral, and 1 for the color pop. Do one round of each color and alternate them in each square.

Remember to block each of them after you are done. All you do is pin the square onto the ironing board, adjusting the shape into a nice square. Then steam it with your iron, and leave it to set. This step will make a difference. It’s like when sewing, if you iron all the seams after you sew them, your finished piece will look way better.

I later turned it into a cushion. ( I actually sew up a cushion so that the granny squares will fit on top of it. )
crochet granny square2