DIY: Crochet a Crochet Hook Container

diy crochet container

This is the kind of project that I go to when I don’t feel like ironing. Works like a charm. I now have 3 toppling heaps of clean laundry, waiting to be ironed.

So what I did was cut out the base of a plastic water bottle to use as an insert. Then crochet a circle, I did 6sc into a magic ring. Keep adding 6 stitches to each round until the circle’s the size of the bottle’s base. Then crochet the next round as is, without adding any stitches. This will form the sides of the crochet container.

When the sides are the same height as the plastic insert, switch to another color . Crochet 1 round in that color, and cast off. Cut two pieces of thread in the second color and thread thru opposite ends. Tie a knot to give the container a nice shape, and two openings to put in the crochet hooks.