Yet another DIY: Decoupage a Wicker Food Cover ( part 1)

The other day, I was at Pahurat ( a street in Bangkok that sells fabrics and sewing goodness. )  I found a new shop stall that sells printed napkins for decoupage so I bought a pack of  this design :


I have a huge wicker food cover that was chucked *somewhere* . I thought it would be cool to change its grandma look to a shabby chic one.

This is my first attempt in decoupage, so I asked the seller a ton of questions, and watch youtube tutorials till I convinced myself it will be as simple as pie… or pancakes !

Okay, on with the steps . First, I washed the wicker cover, then let it air dry. Then I painted it with a matte acrylic paint. The color is called ‘warm white’, similar to cream (  unwhipped cream) color. I attempted to sponge on the paint, but it formed bubbles, so I switched to a large paintbrish.


Once it has dried, I flipped it over and painted the insides, to cover up all the paint that seeped through the wicked holes ( by this time, I was really tired of painting.) When that has dried, I covered up the whole top part with white glue, straight from the bottle. This is how it looks now. Waiting for the glue to become less tacky. I should finish the project tomorrow, so please do come back to take a look!


( part 2 is here.)