Refashion Project #001 : Baby Doll Tee to Grungy Look

Turn a baby doll dress into a grungy tee

This super easy project takes about 15 mins to complete. You’ll need a pair of SHARP scissors if you like the fringes to come out nice and straight. I’m wearing an example of the jagged fringes. Luckily, this look is forgiving and uneven cutting adds to the edginess . Here goes :

  1. Cut off the bottom hem of the baby doll tee.
  2. Lay it out as flat as possible, and start cutting from the bottom, up to the bust line, evenly spaced, all around. My fringes are 2 cms wide ( or 3/4th of an inch ).
  3. Pick up a couple strands in your hand and give them a tug. Do this to all the strands. This will make the fabric curled into itself and somewhat fix the length. Later on, when you throw it into the washing machine, the fringes won’t grow longer that much.
  4. Put it on, stand in front of a mirror and style the length. You can do diagonal, even length, short , long, whatever that looks good on you. I left 3 strands in its original length and tied it together.

I love that the fringes sway when I move around and it gives me a strange urge to go to a rock concert.