DIY Desk Organizer with Craft Wood and Cardboard !

The desk organiser tutorial is up πŸ™‚  I’m quite happy with this one. It’s just made from wood stripes I got from the craft store and cardboard from a box. It holds some plants, pens , and my cellphone. Plus I can change up the plaster of paris letters ( diy here ) when I get bored of it.

I found that the white silicon glue was way too tacky, unlike the clear one I use last time. I’m thinking maybe it’s because the clear one was about to expire, so it was so easy to peel off. An easier way to stick those hard to stand up letters will be to use those gummy tacks from 3M.

The organiser measures 45 cm by 10 cm, made from 1 cm thick craft wood. I added slots and “moisture protection ” ( that’s the bottom of 2 plastic cups ) for the plants.

Enjoy and have a great holiday !

Notes :

The size for the 1 cm craft wood :

  • 45 cm x 4
  • 10 cm x 8
  • 7.5 cm x 4
  • 5   cm x 2

and the layout :


I didn’t have enough 45 cm stripes, so the top layer is made of 30 +15 cm stripes πŸ™‚