DIY a Coat / Hat Stand from Ikea’s Frosta Stool

Recently, I made a coat hanger from two Ikea stools ( Frosta ) following  the plans posted by the designer, Andreas Bhend. He was so generous to share not just one but three designs that can be made with the Frosta stool. There’s a wall shelf that reminds me of a subway map, a coffee table with  a uniquely shaped table top, and a coat hanger as shown below :

Made from two stools ! Wild !

It is not a difficult project. If you can measure and drill, you’ll be fine. The plan with the different height of the branches is very handy. You just build it upwards with the next height as the guide. There is a tiny bit of sawing done at the base.

All the materials/screws needed are in the box, except for the 5 Ikea pencils which are used as pegs.

This is how mine turned out :