Homemade Food that Makes You Feel Almighty

Wow, did Chinese New Year just zoomed by ? During the big clean up day, I found one of my favorite cookbooks, resting right on top of my fridge.  So that’s where it was !! It’s called ” American Baking by Cee ” . I totally love this book, it’s so pretty and with the bonus of being printed not just in Thai but in English too.

I think I bonded with this book when I flipped to the peanut butter recipe. I was like , “wha ?? you mean like Skippy peanut butter , peanut butter ?” And so I roasted some peanuts …

Put in the food processor, added some oil , and got …

 peanut butter !!

You know what ? It tasted just like peanut butter , and I told each of my family members separately so I can tell it several times that I MADE PEANUT BUTTER.  I also found the author’s website , where she have the super easy recipe posted. Thank you so much !

But, the fun doesn’t stop there. There was also a recipe to make butter. BUTTER . My mind was blown. You don’t make butter, you buy them in sticks at the supermarket. And so, I tried the recipe and got …


This called for several phone calls and emails to my parents and friends. For me, making butter is like creating a fifth element. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water , and …. Butter. This is a good recipe to know. Being an occasional baker, I could never use up a whole carton of  whipping cream. Now the leftovers are not wasted.

Homemade butter doesn’t keep for long, so it’s best to use them up fast. One simple recipe to make is The Very Good Tomato Sauce. You just need a can of tomatoes, an onion, and butter. Sometimes I like to put in additional fresh tomatoes…

Simmer till it bubbles like lava and you’ll get …

Tomato Sauce to save the day !

Yogurt, each time I make a batch, my mind turns into a cash register and go ka-ching!! on how much I’ve saved. A friend in high school taught me how to make it. All you do is boil some milk in a pot, let it cool down till it’s warm-ish, then add a tablespoonful of plain yogurt. Leave the pot in a dark , quiet corner overnight, covered with a food covering. ( I don’t know why it has to be quiet, but that was what she said. Maybe the lactobacillus like to work in silence.) Then the next morning, the milk will turn into yogurt. And it did.

Granola + yogurt.

( I’m pretty sure you can homemade granola too )

For my kids, making gummy bears was their freak out.