Oh-Em-Gee ! Chilli Peppers !!


After months of watering, and suspicious moments in between of whether the plant was actually a chilli plant or some weed taking me for a ride, finally! yes finally !! tiny peppers started appearing. And all that happened when all the leaves fell off on the lower half of the plant ! Is it preparing to die ?  I read somewhere that plants do that to ensure survival of their species.

The variant I am growing is called “bird’s eye chilli” on the packet. Here in Thailand, it has an even weirder name –> ” prik kee noo” which means ” rat’s poop chilli.” I think in Cantonese , it is called ” chee teen jiu ” –> ” points-at-the-sky chilli.”  I wonder who  gets to officially coin all these names, possibly someone creative with a weird sense of humor.

It’s amazing that a fiery hot pepper will grow in place of that tiny white flower.