Free e-book : A Guide to Surviving the Flood

*click book to download*

Think Beyond Publishing and illustrator Khun Monman have created an illustrated info-guide free for download. This easy-to-follow guide will show the reader the fundamentals, from flood attires, safety precautions to even creating a makeshift toilet.

Here are some snippets :

The above illustration shows how to correctly fill and tie a sandbag. They should be filled halfway and tied towards the opening of the bag. This will give the sand room to move around and fill up all those in between gaps.This one shows how to correctly create a sandbag wall. The bottom of the bag overlaps the opening of the previous bag. ( If I remember correctly from watching people stacking up the sandbags on TV, the next row reverses direction.)

Did you know that the humdrum little drainage hole in bathroom will turn into a spewing  water fountain from hell if the water level outside the house rises above the drain ?  * nasty * The way to prevent this is to cement/silicone glue a pvc pipe over it. Now the water in the drainage pipe will rise with the water outside and not try to fill up your bathroom to reach equilibrium with the water level outside. The same case goes with Mr. Toilet Loo. *shudders*