Mushroom Vroom Vroom


I got mushroom kits from a green market that comes by once a week. The shroom guy said all I have to do was cover it with a wet towel, spray the bag’s opening with water, and leave it in a dark place. Sounds easy peasy to me.

I was really excited when they started popping out off the plastic bag’s opening. They grew so fast too, tiny babies in the morning, come afternoon , they’ve turned teens. By the next day, they were already meaty and ready for the wok. However !! They also spew spores all over the room, leaving what looks like a layer of dust. Memories of my grade 8 biology class came floating back. Hell ya ! Mushrooms spore, they are fungi !! They might as well be growing in my lungs !! And so, my 3 bags of mushroom went vroom vroom out the door. The end.