DIY Pearl Bracelets


This project is one you can do with kids. I got the bracelet wires from a beading shop in Sampeng ( a wholesale street .) It’s sold in a long coil. I think it is for making those winding beaded bracelets that covers half an arm ??  Anyways, I thought if I overlap the ends, then it would make a nice slip-on bracelet that didn’t need a clasp.

I was able to get almost twenty bracelets from one coil (not sure about the exact number, didn’t sit down and count. ) You will need a pair of wire cutters for cutting and pliers to coil the ends. Scissors won’t do the trick here.

For the length , I let the ends overlap about 1.5 inch. I snipped them up in batches,  coiled one end with a pair of round nose pliers, then handed them over to my younger daughter, with a box of shiny pearls… plastic , of course , but the heavier type for that ‘authentic’ feeling.


Then I go online while she plays jewelry designer, making up her own decisions on the color and pattern, where to open her jewelry shop, whether I would like to work as a staff at her shop, etc … When she’s done, I coil the other end up and check if the loops have to be further flatten. You don’t want raw ends sticking out.

I ordered a few from her and she said my color selection is “very boring.” I think they look quite nice, especially when worn together as a set.