Part Deux : Diy Decoupage Wicker Basket


Applying the decoupage napkins was not that hard. The shop seller told me to apply from top down and I can just use the whole piece. I decided to trim off the edges as the flower designs there are not complete. After trimming it was quite easy to peel off the white layers ( so that there was only one ply left.) I just use a wet sponge, squeezed out the water and dabbed on the napkin. The kids thought it was a very cool technique and took turns to help.

Though some youtube tutorials said if you make a mistake , you can just tear a piece and stick it right on top. When it dries, it does leave a mark. See below.


Not too visible unless you inspect closely though.

I then sponge on blue acrylic paint on the rims and the handle. When that dried up, added two coats of varnish. I’m quite happy with the result, and have a second project in mind.


( part one is here. )