DIY Fridge Magnet

crochet fridge magnet

Sorry for the mini hiatus, I went storage room cleaning for my parents. I found some of my old handbags from the 90’s and being a seasoned hoarder, I took them all home. Your garbage, my treasure.

I wasn’t planning to crochet a fridge magnet. I was trying to make a sake vase which turned out wonky. I’m sure it wasn’t the pattern, it was me. I seemed to understand diagram instructions more than written ones.  Not wanting to frog the whole one hour labor I’ve put into it or let it RIP in my bag of wonky crocheted creations, I ironed on a felt devil motive and hot glued a magnet on the back of the vase. More hot glue and magnets on a notepad and I got a fridge magnet set.