A DIY Idea : Cotton and Linen Blouse

I wanted to make something like this because I’ve been wearing t-shirts too much, I’ve developed farmer’s arms ( that will be the two-tone color on my arm, etched by the sun.  hmph.)  :

But with the length shorter, and the neckline higher. I like the sleeves and the details on the neckline. I chose a deep navy colored linen for the bottom part and the floral fabric looks like this :

The bias tape is made by following instructions on the book : ” Bend the Rules Sewing “. There are similar tutorials online. What I like about this method is you just need a small piece of square/rectangular fabric to make a long roll of bias tape. If you don’t have a fancy bias tape maker-gizmo, this tutorial will be a gem. You can make any width with just a sewing pin as a guide.

My version looks like this ( sorry for the picture quality ) :

The width of the linen fabric is not as wide as in the pattern, to make up for the shortened length. The pattern can be found in this book ( ISBN978-4-529-04629-9):