DIY Toy : Crochet Doll Bag

I learn crochet by reading  tutorials online and also from this book called ” Uncommon Crochet “. During the learning phase, I practice making swatches, little swatches of circles , squares, and ovals. Here, the doll’s bag is made from a circle swatch, about 10 cms in diameter. I use cotton yarn ( those used in making doily ), and did 7 rounds of half double crochet with a no. 3 hook. Actually , you can just make it with any small hook. As long as the bag is proportional to the doll , it will turn out fine.

Here’s the picture tutorial :

  1. Crochet circle ( mine is 10 cm in diameter ), two faux leather straps measuring 17 cm each, scrap felt circle, cut a little smaller than the crocheted one, and a 3.5×2 cm pc of rectangular felt ( to be used as inner pocket ; I like details. )
  2. Sew the faux leather straps onto the crocheted circle.
  3. Sew the rectangular felt onto the circular felt. Then sew this piece onto the crocheted circle.
  4. Fold it in half and sew both ends to make the side of the bag. Mine are about 2 cm long.

I also have a Fail! piece when I tried making *something*. I turned that into a hat. Free toys for my kids :P.  Mwahhaaha.