Kwai in the City

There’s a floating market near the Kanchanaphisek road where you can hand feed water buffaloes fresh grass and bananas. The owner also lets visitors sit on the water buffalo and take pictures. However , since this market was one of the badly hit areas during the flood, the buffaloes there have developed flaky skin problem from soaking in the dirty flood water. You can still ride it but you’ll get buffalo dander stuck on your pants, warned the owner. x_x

Water buffaloes are called “kwai” in Thai. It also have the same meaning as ” dumbass ” , so if you want to pick a fight , you know what to say .

“Who are you calling ‘dumbass’ ” ???

” I bet you can’t do this . “

The market’s called ” Klong Ludmayom” . It’s opened on  weekends and public holidays, from morning till 4 pm. There’s also a horseback riding area, not sure if the horses are back from the flood though.