DIY : 15 minutes Storage Boxes

I have to sew a cover for my ironing board but somehow, am trying to avoid it.  Instead I made storage boxes for my bathroom. You will need cardboard boxes + home furnishing… Continue reading

Urban Farmer : Grow Veggies on a Cloth Rack

I was looking over my garden posts, and it seems like I’ve been posting much about how I kill off my plants in my balcony garden. That’s not always the case. I was… Continue reading

Homemade Food that Makes You Feel Almighty

Wow, did Chinese New Year just zoomed by ? During the big clean up day, I found one of my favorite cookbooks, resting right on top of my fridge.  So that’s where it… Continue reading

Diy Hangers for Kitchen Utensils — Super Easy !

We re-installed our kitchen rail vertically some time ago as it jutted out too much horizontally. I think maybe this was supposed to be a towel rack, not sure as we bought it… Continue reading

Kwai in the City

There’s a floating market near the Kanchanaphisek road where you can hand feed water buffaloes fresh grass and bananas. The owner also lets visitors sit on the water buffalo and take pictures. However… Continue reading

Happy New Year !

To a new beginning ! The Thai new year is 2555 which is read ” song ha-ha-ha “. I have a feeling this will be an exceptionally  happy funny year. I’ve been sewing… Continue reading

Oh-Em-Gee ! Chilli Peppers !!

After months of watering, and suspicious moments in between of whether the plant was actually a chilli plant or some weed taking me for a ride, finally! yes finally !! tiny peppers started… Continue reading

A Mini Ikea Remake : FLYT Magazine Files

FLYT magazine files + 2 pieces of napkin for decoupage. I only did the front part of the files since they’ll be placed inside a shelf. So easy and so pretty 🙂

Ikea Hack : Skubb into Handbags Hanger with Drawers !

Long time no post, but I’ve been Ikea-ing much. So here’s what I turned my 179 bht SKUDD into.  Velcros are attached on the sides  to hold handbags/belts, which are mostly handmade by… Continue reading

School Commences Dec 6

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